Trading the Forex Market

This section will introduce you to trading currencies to make hundreds or thousands of dollars from anywhere in the world – especially from Pakistan. 

We will guide you on how you can make money when currency pairs are going up or down (for example, USD rising or falling vs GBP or EUR or JPY and so on).

We’ll also tell you which brokers you should use on your path to profitable trading, and where to learn more technical skills. 

Who is it


This information is aimed at people based in Pakistan and the UAE who are interested in actively or passively earning money from the Forex Market (Foreign Exchange Market) .
Whether you currently have a day job, are a businessman, or investor - it's up to you how much time you spend trading Forex.
The Forex Market allows you to trade actively over a period of hours (called day trading) or even passively by leaving your buy / sell orders input over a period of days or weeks (called swing trading).

Advantages of Trading Forex

For Pakistani Nationals:

There are many advantages of becoming a Forex Trader in general, but people based in Pakistan can especially benefit from learning to trade Forex. Some of the advantages are: